Requirements of Scanned documents for Online Submission



Chiang Mai University International College Scanned Documents Guidelines


When submitting an application online or providing documents electronically, please follow the guidelines below to upload scanned documents.

• Documents must be scanned from the original documents in colour.

• Documents must be scanned with a flatbed scanner.

• Digital photographs and scans from smartphone applications will not be accepted.

• Scans from a photocopied, faxed and / or previously certified true document will not be accepted.

• Scans that are cropped, tilted or incomplete will not be accepted.

• Documents must be scanned at the original size. If the document is larger than A4 then the document should be scanned in A4 sized portions without size reduction.

• If a document has more than one page, all pages must be scanned,  please ensure that you provide the complete set of the statements. Incomplete documents will not be accepted.

• If any document has markings or text on both sides of the document e.g. a registration number on the back page, both sides must be scanned.

• Scanned Documents are only accepted in the following formats: .jpg .jpeg .pdf


Documents that are not saved in the above file types will not be accepted.

• The resolution of the scans must enable the text; in particular fine or small size text, punctuation, and decimal points to be legible.

• File size of any single document should not exceed 1 MB.

Scans must be named to reflect the type of document e.g. An Academic Transcript scanned in .pdf format should be named as "Youname_transcript.pdf"; a Passport scanned in .jpg format should be named as "Yourname_passport.jpg".