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                                      Chiang Mai University International College

                On June 9, 2008, the Council of Chiang Mai University unanimously resolved to establish the International College (hereafter referred to as CMUIC). The College aims at achieving quality international undergraduate programs stipulated in the University's strategic plan for the internationalization of its educational and research mission.

Since international programs are developed and implemented by the University's various faculties, Chiang Mai University International College's major role is to support those faculties in producing graduates for the global community, functioning as the administrative centre for international programs and overseeing the admission of overseas students while ensuring that Thai students who wish to join such programs and are qualified will be accorded the chance. Thus, Chiang Mai University International College will be the active partner in curriculum development and effective management and administration of those international programs. The Chiang Mai University International College is also entrusted to create an international atmosphere that will be conducive to achieving Chiang Mai University's objective of positioning itself as an internationally recognized university.